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Functional Strength / Mobility / Biomechanics

Our goal is for you to get strong and live pain-free.


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    “100% recommend joining the UPLIFT team! I’ve been taking group classes for almost a year. This is the first time I’ve been consistent with a gym, so this says a lot about the staff and atmosphere/culture at UPLIFT! It’s welcoming to all, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. I absolutely love the small group workouts; it’s motivating to workout next to such strong individuals but also get the one on one attention from the trainer! If you are looking for professional and knowledgeable trainers and an overall welcoming atmosphere, look no further!”

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    “I am so happy that I found a place that is so very welcoming and trainers that are there for their clients. Jared and his team go above and beyond to fully engage with their clients so that they are fully aware of how to motivate the individual based on the unique needs of the person. They are there to always find a modification as well as know when to push me to do more than I thought I could.”

    TAMMY W.
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    “If I could rate UPLIFT more than five stars, I would!!! The UPLIFT community is one that I am so blessed to be a part of, and I would highly recommend this fitness facility to anyone I know. The group strength classes and the private training sessions are great for people of all experience levels. You will not regret checking this place out!!!”

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    “UPLIFT is amazing! The trainers meet you where you’re at while also challenging you. I love that they have private training rooms. It definitely made me feel more comfortable when I first started out. Jared set me up with the trainer he thought would best fit my needs after talking with him first and it worked out great. 10/10 would recommend it!”

    KATIE M.
  • 5 Star Mindbody Review Icon

    “Great class. Instructive and motivating. Felt like having my own personal trainer while working out with a small group.”

    KEN D.
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    “I joined UPLIFT as a personal training client working with one of UPLIFT’s personal trainers. They put together a customized fitness plan that was perfect for my fitness level at the time and continued to develop workout plans that kept me challenged and moving along to an improved fitness level and better overall health. I highly recommend UPLIFT to anyone interested in getting in shape and staying in shape.”

    PAT R.
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    “UPLIFT has given me so much in the past year since I’ve joined. When I first came in, I was nervous I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but after that class I knew I found my perfect gym. I’ve gained so much muscle and feel so strong doing normal everyday things. I’m so grateful for the confidence they’ve given me. 10/10 would recommend.”

    PATTY B.
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    “Jared is an amazing trainer and motivator!! He always has his clients’ best interests in mind. UPLIFT is the perfect name for Jared’s training site….he is a great uplifter!! His classes are well planned, and perfectly executed. He is always ready to work with any client who needs a little extra attention! Absolutely love my sessions at UPLIFT!!

    KIM S.
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    “Two years ago I reached out to a few fitness centers looking for help with toning and strength due to an abundance of weight loss. I’ve never felt confident in gyms or fitness centers but the second I walked into UPLIFT, I knew I was in the right place. The owner, the staff, the entire environment is empowering. This is not an ordinary gym. It’s a home. I thank Jared and his staff from the bottom of my heart for challenging me and being there each step of the way on my journey!”

    DEB B.
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    “Great gym with excellent trainers. The small group training classes challenge you in the best way possible.

    DAVID F.
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    “Excellent! Programming is very methodical and that helps me reach my goals.”

    TONY C.
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    “I wish I could give this place 10 stars. If you want to train with the best then UPLIFT is for you! Jared helped me lose 40 pounds and got me back in shape. He worked with me at my fitness level, was encouraging and always provided challenging workouts with an emphasis on proper form and results. The workouts are addicting! I highly recommend UPLIFT.”

    SUSAN S.
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    “Jared has everything planned out meticulously in order to balance the daily and weekly workouts into a weekly block. This amount of individual attention is what you normally expect to get with one on one sessions, not in a group class. Jared and his team provide you every opportunity to help make the day a success for you.”

    BEN S.
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    “If you’re looking for a new gym to call home or if you’re just starting out, I highly recommend UPLIFT! Workouts are well thought out in advance, thoroughly reviewed at the beginning of each class, and individualized to the extent possible. Proper form is continually reinforced to prevent injury and recover smartly. Everyone strives to be their best and supports each other to do the same. Jared has created a top notch facility that is well organized, tidy, pristine all with his clients best interests in mind.”

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    “Such a great experience!! I completed the 12-week challenge and enjoyed every minute of it. Jared and his team motivated me to push myself every class. It was so exciting to see how much my strength improved each week. Definitely recommend it!”

    GABBY D.
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    “I highly recommend joining the UPLIFT team! Jared helps you conquer your goals and helps you crush your workout. He is extremely professional, he makes sure you’re positioned correctly so you can avoid injuries. Jared has completely changed the way I look at small group workouts, personal training, and fitness all together. If you’re looking to see results, this is the place to go!”

    TINA C.
  • 5 Star Mindbody Review Icon

    “Great full body class. Jared’s programming is challenging for newbies and experienced students. Thoughtful, thorough and smart.”

    JENN D.