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UPLIFT Owner Jared Mousseau


Owner  /  1-on-1 Trainer  /  Group Trainer

I grew up in upstate New York next to a State Park on a lake so I am blessed to say the outdoors was my backyard. We camped often and spent a lot of time on the water. As I matured, I was one of those kids that could compete in any sport, but I truly excelled with basketball because it was physical art to me.

Severe ankle injuries as well as knee and back pain were ultimately what held me back from competing. I didn’t take strength and conditioning seriously. However, I’m grateful that mistake led me to become the trainer that I am today.

I’m now incredibly passionate about helping others find and build deep, physical, mental and emotional strength within themselves. I created UPLIFT to be a sanctuary of wellness where individuals who struggled with confidence, happiness, chronic pain and/or poor health can come together to advocate for themselves and others.

As many clients over the years could attest, my training style is well-rounded, but my main goal is to be able to connect with almost anyone and help each individual gain an understanding of having strength within the efficiency and the practicality of their movements. I believe there is still a lot to learn within the realm of functional fitness. However, I fully believe our team is on a path of being able to provide unique services others cannot.

Real strength has to do with helping others.



Pain-Free Performance Specialist


National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer


Functional Movement Systems Certified Personal Trainer