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UPLIFT Trainer Jazmin Sepulveda

Jazmin Sepulveda

1-on-1 Trainer  /  Group Trainer
Growing up in Clifton Park I was able to access tons of sports and activities as a kid. Picking up softball in middle school and shot put in high school, a lot of my team practices incorporated strength training. I quickly found my love for lifting heavy with barbells in my junior year of high school.

As I begun my collegiate career at Skidmore, I continued to lift heavy and quite often programmed workouts for myself and friends. Although I had the intention of pursuing a chemistry degree, it wasn’t until I enrolled into my first exercise science course that I fell in love with the lab component of anatomy and physiology. I ended up graduating with a degree in Human Physiological Sciences.

I now hunger to expand my repertoire of all things training and wellness. I look forward to adding a few more exciting certifications to my tool kit.

“Striving to be brilliant at the basics and a master of making weights look light.”



National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer


Barbell Rehab Method Certification


Health and Human Physiological Sciences